About the CompanyMOPA GmbH is a leading dealer for spare parts suitable for MWM, Deutz, Mercedes, MTU and MAN-D-engines. We deliver only best quality (OEM or genuine-like) and have a lot of parts on stock. If you have a demand: please send us your enquiry.

More information about the company history:

The Motorparts Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH company was founded on June 1, 1998 in Troisdorf by Burghard Müller and Wilfried Westerveld. We rented out a piece of property that became available in Troisdorf-Bergheim, the westernmost part of Troisdorf, which turned out to be just right for the plans we had in mind. A 400 square-metre warehouse, 120 square metres of office space and approx. 900 square meters of open space that were fenced in wonderfully and partially landscaped, as well as the perfect location close to motorways and the Cologne/Bonn Airport were also good reasons we chose this location.

In addition to Burghard Müller and Wilfried Westerveld, MOPA’s founding team includes Manfred Kühl, who is responsible for engineering, EDP and exports, and Peter Laubach, a long-time warehouse manager for Deutz/MWM engine parts. All members of the founding team were former employees of the Bedia Maschinenfabrik GmbH company in Bonn.

About Company

About the CompanyThe co-founder Wilfried Westerveld and first-day employee Peter Laubach retired in the meantime and the MOPA staff was well strengthened to guarantee good quality and service as usual.
In August 2012 MOPA moved to Niederkassel, that is only 1.5 km away from the former location. There MOPA has 200 square meters of office space and 1000 square-meter warehouse.