Product groups & availability

Product Groups

Our comprehensive product range comprises high-quality spare parts. These include gaskets, screw fittings, pumps, filters, cylinder liners, pistons and piston rings. We also provide plain bearings and valve train components for all common engines types.

Together with our partners, we can also offer many reconditioned spare parts. These constitute a high-quality alternative for new parts that are not always available for older engines. The fully reconditioned spare parts comply with the highest quality standards and are in part supplied with a test certificate.

“We can offer you the spare part you need. We guarantee you the highest quality and the most reliable products.”

Richard Müller & Burghard Müller
firm owners


A high level of availability and quick picking and packing allow us to instantly react to our customers’ orders.

Every day, dozens of carefully packaged spare parts orders leave our warehouse. Because of this, the engine can be up and running again quicker meaning we can reduce our customers’ downtime.